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Kraken v1.5 Unleashed

Free RAR, ZIP, 7-Zip and Hash password recovery tool for Windows. No trial, no limits!

What is Kraken?

Kraken is a free, fast and small RAR, ZIP, 7-Zip and Hash password recovery tool for Windows without a fancy GUI for maximum performance, no trial, no limits! Kraken is easy to use and portable as no installation is needed. Just unpack, add your password protected RAR, ZIP, 7-Zip or hash string and unleash the Kraken!

...and no, you don't need WinRAR, WinZip or 7-Zip to be installed either ;)


  • Windows with .NET 4.7.1 (no need for Windows 10 users)

Features in Kraken v1.5

  • Free! No sneaky trial periods, no limits!
  • Recovers RAR, ZIP & 7-Zip compressed files
  • RAR & ZIP, 7-zip filesize does not impact recovery speed
  • Installations of WinRAR, WinZip or 7-Zip not required!
  • Option to extract recovered files
  • Recovers MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 & BCrypt
  • No GUI for high performance
  • Easy to use
  • Option to set recovery speed
  • Option to use Bruteforce or Dictionary recovery
  • Option to run unlimited dictionaries in a sequence
  • Select between pre-defined charsets or define your own
  • Option to set min/max password length
  • Option to set a Prefix/Suffix
  • Autosave progress feature
  • Option to continue recovery
  • Automatic backup of recovered passwords
  • Option to check for updates

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